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Terms & Conditions

For the preparation of medico-legal reports by Mr P E Baguley. The following terms and conditions govern the provision of medico-legal reports by the examiner (named above) to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions.


1.1 - All appointments will be made upon receipt of original instructions.
1.2 - Mr Baguley's office will provide appointment notification in writing confirming the date, time and venue to the relevant parties.
1.3 - Mr Baguley's office will manage all cancellations.

Medical Records

2.1 - On receipt of new instructions, Mr Baguley's office will expect receipt of all relevant medical records, if not received with the original instructions, to be requested and received prior to the appointment date.
2.2 - Mr Baguley's office agrees to treat all correspondence, medical records and other documentation in respect of instructions as confidential and shall not disclose the same to any third party.
2.3 - Mr Baguley's office will not commission x-rays of any other tests without prior consent from the instructing party.

Medical Report

3.1 - Mr Baguley will provide a medical report 4-6 weeks from the appointment date.
3.2 - All reports will reach a minimum level of quality. Reports that do not meet the minimum quality criteria will be corrected by Mr Baguley/Mr Baguley's office at no additional cost.
3.3 - Mr Baguley's fee for the examination and preparation of the report shall be £650.00. An additional report/re-examination will be £200.00. These fees may alter if there are extensive medical records, which are deemed to be above average. You will be informed of these cases prior to the appointment.
3.4 - Supplementary medical information/answers to questions are charged at £100.00 per page following the production of the initial report.
3.5 - Mr Baguley's office will not charge for the first appointment that the claimant fails to attend but will charge for any subsequent appointments that the claimant fails to attend to the value of £100.00.
3.6 - It is requested that the claimant confirms their attendance no less than 24 hours prior to the appointment date.


4.1 - Mr Baguley's fee is requested 30 days following the date of the invoice by cheque or BACS transfer.


5.1 - Mr Baguley will inform all relevant parties of any change of circumstances that may affect his credibility as a medical expert.
5.2 - Court appearances are charged at £500 per half day plus expenses.
5.3 - Mr Baguley undertakes and agrees to take out, at his own expense, and maintain adequate insurance cover with a reputable insurer to cover liabilities.
5.4 - Mr Baguley will be responsible for all income tax liabilities and National Insurance in respect of his fee.
5.5 - It is to be understood that in preparing medico-legal reports Mr Baguley should be protected from potential law suits arising from the content of the report or his Court appearances.

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